Mortgage Rates

Best Purchase Rates

3 YEAR FIXED: 1.64%

4 YEAR FIXED: 1.79%

5 YEAR FIXED: 1.99%

7 YEAR FIXED: 2.44%

10 YEAR FIXED: 2.89%


Best Refinance Rates

5 YEAR FIXED: 2.34%

5 YEAR VARIABLE: Prime Minus 0.90%


Rental Property

5 YEAR FIXED: 2.59%

Best Alternative Rates

1 YEAR FIXED: 2.69%

2 YEAR FIXED: 2.99%

3 YEAR FIXED: 3.49%

5 YEAR FIXED: 3.59%

Interest Rate Tips

Interest rates play a big part of your mortgage, but before you jump in head first, we'd like to share a few industry secrets with you! After all, how can you make an informed decision without information?

Sometimes the lowest rate really is too good to be true. Most lenders offer products called 'no frill' mortgages with really low interest rates. These are usually mortgages that do not allow early re-payment, or even pre-payment options as well as other clauses that restrict what you can, and cannot, do.

Mortgage brokers, lenders, and banks, advertise the lowest possible rate to attract customers. The only problem is that very few people actually qualify for that rate in the first place. That does not mean that you cannot get an amazing interest rate, but it does mean that you might find yourself disappointed because of how high your expectations were set.

Rate may be King, but like a king only forms a small part of the actual kingdom! There is so much more to your mortgage and there are many ways to structure home financing so both your short and long term life goals are more easily achieved. A good mortgage is one that helps you move forward.

Not all rates, apply equally to all mortgages. What we mean by that is a 5 year mortgage for someone buying a home will often have a different rate than a 5 year mortgage for a refinance. There are other things to consider as well, such as credit history, self employment, property, property location, and so much more. For this reason Haystax will always clearly display our lowest available rate for as many products and situations as we can.